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Advances in Geological and Geotechnical Engineering Research - formerly Journal of Geological Research - publishes original research papers that offers a rapid review and publication that free disseminates research findings in all areas of geology and geotechnical engineering include petrology, mineralogy, Geochemistry, Geotechnics, Geoengineering, Soil mechanics, foundation engineering, geoenvironmental disasters and more.

The journal focuses on innovative of research methods at all stages and is committed to provide theoretical and practical experience for all these who are involving in these fields.

The scope of the papers in this journal includes :

  • Petrology
  • Mineralogy
  • Geochemistry
  • Stratigraphy
  • Deposit Geology
  • Structural Geology
  • Hydrogeology
  • Regional Geology
  • Sedimentology
  • Paleontology
  • Geophysics
  • Soil Mechanics
  • Foundation Engineering
  • Geoengineering
  • Tunneling Technology
  • Underground Engineering
  • Geoenvironmental Disasters
  • Natural Hazards
  • Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering
  • Geotechnics

Submission Preparation Checklist

By submitting a manuscript to the journal, the Author(s) verifies that the following items have been met:
  1. The submission has not been previously published under another journal, or is currently under consideration for another journal.
  2. The submission format should be in Microsoft Word. Other word processing software may be considered.
  3. DOIs or URLs have been provided wherever possible in the Reference List.
  4. The document(s) have been formatted according to the requirements under Author Guidelines. The placement of illustrations, figures, graphs, tables, and equations have been integrated into the main manuscript.
  5. Instructions in Ensuring a Blind Review have been followed in order to comply with the double-blind peer review process employed.

Vol 4, No 1 (2022): In Progress

Table of Contents


Amin Beiranvand Pour

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Abstract: Recently, the name of Journal of Geological Research has been changed to “Advances in Geological and Geotechnical Engineering Research’’. ...


Anthony Chukwu

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Abstract: This study aims to account for the petrogenesis and mineralization of pegmatites around the Wowyen area, northcentral basement complex,Nigeria. Field studies, petrography and whole rock geochemistry (Major oxides were estimated by X-Ray Fluorescence while the trace elements were estimated by Indu...
Hafizullah Rasouli

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Abstract: This Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources and Air Pollution,research is carried out to analysis Hydro-meteorological and groundwater data in Kabul Sub-basins, Afghanistan. The main objective of this research is to find out natural causes of climate change effects on surface and to,groundwate...


Aref Shirazi, Adel Shirazy, Amin Beiranvand Pour, Ardeshir Hezarkhani, Shayan Khakmardan

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Abstract:The present article is a review study on the types of rare earth elements (REEs), environmental and biological effects as well as the sources of emission of these elements as pollution in nature. The purpose of this study is to provide a vision in environmental planning and control of pollution caus...
Unger Z., LeClair D.

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Abstract: This short study aims to highlight contradictions in Ochsenius’s model for the basin-wide salt generation (Kara-Bogas bay desiccation). Without claiming completeness, and through numerous records cited from the specific literature, we attempt to point at crucial incoherencies in the classical eva...



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Journal of Geological Resrach has officially changed its name to Advances in Geological and Geotechnical Engineering Research.

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Posted: December 22,2021
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