Terahertz radiation: New material acts as an efficient frequency multiplier

Higher frequencies mean faster data transfer and more powerful processors. Technically, however, it is anything but easy to keep increasing clock rates and radio frequencies. New materials could solve the problem. Experiments have now produced a promising result: Researchers were able to get a novel material to increase the frequency of a terahertz radiation flash by a factor of seven: a first step for potential IT applications.(Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf)  
Posted: 2020-05-20

Powerful new AI technique detects and classifies galaxies in astronomy image data

Researchers have developed a powerful new computer program called Morpheus that can analyze astronomical image data pixel by pixel to identify and classify all of the galaxies and stars in large data sets from astronomy surveys. Morpheus is a deep-learning framework that incorporates a variety of artificial intelligence technologies developed for applications such as image and speech recognition.(University of California - Santa Cruz)  
Posted: 2020-05-13

Happy New Year!

Posted: 2019-12-31

New hybrid device can both capture and store solar energy Device offers a new avenue for capitalizing on abundant solar energy

Researchers have reported a new device that can both efficiently capture solar energy and store it until it is needed, offering promise for applications ranging from power generation to distillation and desalination.(University of Houston)  
Posted: 2019-12-06

Beyond Moore's Law: Taking transistor arrays into the third dimension

Silicon integrated circuits, which are used in computer processors, are approaching the maximum feasible density of transistors on a single chip -- at least, in two-dimensional arrays.(University of Michigan)  
Posted: 2019-11-22

Forschungsverbund Berlin

Researchers developed a tool called Geneva (short for Genetic Evasion), which automatically learns to circumvent censorship. Tested in China, India and Kazakhstan, Geneva found dozens of ways to circumvent censorship by exploiting gaps in censors' logic and finding bugs that the researchers say would have been virtually impossible to find manually.(University of Maryland)  
Posted: 2019-11-15

This AI birdwatcher lets you 'see' through the eyes of a machine New research aims to open the 'black box' of computer vision

It can take years of birdwatching experience to tell one species from the next. But using an artificial intelligence technique called deep learning, researchers have trained a computer to identify up to 200 species of birds from just a photo. This tool goes beyond giving the right answer to explain its thinking, in a way that even someone who doesn't know a penguin from a puffin can understand.(Duke University)  
Posted: 2019-11-08

<Reprint>Communications Technology Services (CTS) Announced as a Ranplan Preferred System Integrator with “Honors”


MARLBORO, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Communications Technology Services (CTS), a trusted system integrator for major wireless service providers, private enterprise and venue owners announces a preferred partnership with Ranplan Wireless. Throughout, CTS will be leveraging Ranplan’s Heterogeneous design capabilities and modern cloud-based platform to help deliver the next-generation 5G connected communities, under the Ranplan Precision Design Initiative.

CTS has established themselves as the first Ranplan preferred partner to be recognized with a “Master-Level” Certified Heterogenous Design Engineer. This is a result of all CTS design and engineering teams recently completing an intense training and certification program. These sessions were focused on advancing design competencies beyond the traditional in-building and legacy macro only design methods, with design engineers reaching the highest level of product proficiency.

As a Preferred System Integrator (“PSI”) and having Master-Level representation, CTS has extended their leadership role and services portfolio allowing them to provide innovative heterogenous design services capable of providing the telecommunication industry “community-based” design solutions that consider the impact to, or of, the targeted structure with outdoor small cells, O-DAS and macro sectors in conjunction with traditional in-building design.

Posted: 2019-09-27

Scientists develop optical ruler that can measure down to the nanoscale

Scientists at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) have developed a new way to measure distances at the nanoscale—one nanometer being one billionth of a meter—using light.  
Posted: 2019-09-06 More...

How Smart Grid Technology Is Driving Renewable Energy

The concept of smart grid technology is contributing to the rise in renewable energy as grid integration becomes a key component in making that happen.<reprint>  
Posted: 2019-08-30 More...

Network Security Firewall Market Size, Share, Application With Growth and Business Strategies Forecast to 2026

<Reprint> The Global Network Security Firewall Market report offers a high-quality, accurate, and comprehensive research study to equip players with valuable insights for making strategic business choices. The research analysts have provided deep segment analysis of the Network Security Firewall Market on the basis of type, application, and geography. The vendor landscape is additionally shed come across to tell readers regarding future changes within the market competition. As part of competitive analysis, the report includes detailed company profiling of top players of the Network Security Firewall market. Players can also use the value chain analysis and Porter’s Five Forces analysis offered in the report for strengthening their position in the Network Security Firewall market.  
Posted: 2019-08-23 More...

Announcement: ESE Volume 1, Issue 1 (2019) is now live!


We are pleased to announce that Volume 1, Issue 1 ( 2019) of Electrical Science & Engineering has been published, and is currently available for download.

Posted: 2019-08-16

Happy New Year !

Posted: 2019-01-03
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