Design and Realization of Automatic Warehouse Based on S7-1500PLC

Fuhua Yang (Huizhou Technician Institute, Department of electronic engineering, Huizhou 516003, China)
Haitao Li (Huizhou Technician Institute, Department of electronic engineering, Huizhou 516003, China)

Article ID: 2914



In order to improve the efficiency of automatic warehouse control system,the experimental platform of stereoscopic warehouse with s7-1500plc is designed.The manipulator is driven by stepper motor and servo motor to realize x,y and Z three-axis space motion.The material transmission system is built by general-purpose G120 inverter. HMI KTP700 realizes control and status monitoring.The materials are identified and classified by RFID sensor and other sensors.TIAV15 software build PROFINET communication and PROFIBUS communication network.Using the GRAPH language programming can improve the visualization degree of application and solve the complex problems of program design and debugging of the warehouse control system.Through the design of hardware and software,a set of complete control system design scheme is formed,which has high practical value and provides an excellent teaching and experiment platform for the intelligent storage system.


Automatic warehouse; S7-1500 PLC; RFID sensor; GRAFH language

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