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Ahmed H. Aburawwash, Moustafa Mohammed Eissa, Azza F. Barakat, Hossam M. Hafez

Article ID: 994
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Abstract: A more accurate determination for the Probability of Failure on Demand (PFD) of the Safety Instrumented System (SIS) contributes to more SIS realiability, thereby ensuring more safety and lower cost. IEC 61508 and ISA TR.84.02 provide the PFD detemination formulas. However, these formulas suffer from an uncertaity issue due to the inclusion of uncertainty...
Marlin Ramadhan Baidillah, Zengfeng Gao, Al-Amin S Iman, Masahiro Takei

Article ID: 1043
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Abstract: Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) as a non-invasive of electrical conductivity imaging method commonly employs the stationary-coefficient based filters (such as FFT) in order to remove the noise signal. In the practical applications, the stationary-coefficient based filters fail to remove the time-varying random noise which leads to the lack of impeda...
Hisham Soliman, Mohammed Albadi, Hamood Al-Sheriyani, Hadhifa Al-Azakawi, Ali Al- Qutaiti

Article ID: 1187
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Abstract: This paper proposes a robust power system stabilizer(PSS) for a steam synchronous generator in Barka II power station. The PSS should be capable of damping small-disturbance oscillations (inherently existing in power systems due to e.g. load changes, lines switching...etc.) within a certain settling time for different load conditions. Also, the proposed P...
Hisham M. Soliman, Abdelsalam Elhaffar, Mohammed Albadi

Article ID: 1188
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Abstract: In distribution systems, voltage levels of the various buses should be maintained within the permissible limits for satisfactory operation of all electrical installations and equipment.  The task of voltage control is closely associated with fluctuating load conditions and corresponding requirements of reactive power compensation. The problem of load bus ...