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Seisuke Yanagawa

Article ID: 2527
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Abstract: In this paper, the logic is developed assuming that all parts of the brain are composed of a combination of modules that basically have the same structure. The feeding behavior of searching for food while avoiding the dangers of animals in the early stages of evolution is regarded as the basis of time series data processing. The module that performs the p...
Fuhua Yang, Haitao Li

Article ID: 2914
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Abstract: In order to improve the efficiency of automatic warehouse control system,the experimental platform of stereoscopic warehouse with s7-1500plc is designed.The manipulator is driven by stepper motor and servo motor to realize x,y and Z three-axis space motion.The material transmission system is built by general-purpose G120 inverter. HMI KTP700 ...
Hekmatullah Mumivand, Rasool Seidi Piri, Fatemeh Kheiraei

Article ID: 3170
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Abstract:In this paper,a new method for automatic classification of texts is presented.This system includes two phases;text processing and text categorization.In the first phase,various indexing criteria such as bigram,trigram and quad-gram are presented to extract the properties.Then,in the second phase,the W-SMO machine learning algorithm is used to train the syste...
Evgeniy Bryndin

Article ID: 3255
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Abstract: Thought communications with an associative-communicative robot are carried out through the spectral neurointerface of internal speech.Internal speech is an energy physiological process.Internal speech is vibration from the mental vibration of thought.Mental vibration of thought is a process in the mental ethereal field.The vibrations of th...
José Bavio, Carina Fernández, Beatriz Marrón

Article ID: 3368
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Abstract: The Generalized Markov Fluid Model (GMFM) is assumed for modeling sources in the network because it is versatile to describe the traffic fluctuations. In order to estimate resources allocations or in other words the channel occupation of each source,the concept of effective bandwidth (EB) proposed by Kelly is used. In this paper we use an expression...