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Kedir Lemma Arega

Article ID: 3885
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Abstract:The pervasive idea of web-based media stages brought about a lot of sight and sound information in interpersonal organizations. The transparency and unlimited way of sharing the data via online media stage encourages data spread across the organization paying little mind to its noteworthiness.The multiplication of misdirecting data in regular access news sou...
Hla Myo Tun, Myat Su Nwe, Zaw Min Naing, Maung Maung Latt, Devasis Pradhan, Prasanna Kumar Sahu

Article ID: 4398
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Abstract: The paper presents the research on self-balancing two-wheels mobile robot control system analysis with experimental studies. The research problem in this work is to stabilize the mobile robot with self-control and to carry the sensitive things without failing in a long span period. The main objective of this study is to focus on the mathematica...
Francisco Bulnes, Isaías Martínez, Isaí M. Martínez

Article ID: 4529
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Abstract: The electric field created in a curvature energy sensor on air microparticles is used to obtain a temperature-humidity map  by stereoradially of the sensor design to detect and measure the temperature and humidity of certain local region of the environment space. Likewise,considering the cur...


Aijuan Li, Chunpeng Gong, Xin Huang, Xinnian Sun, Gang Liu

Article ID: 4710
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Abstract:Water-based automatic security marking platform composed of multifunctional underwater robots and unmanned surface vessel has become the development trend and focus for exploring complex and dangerous waters,and its related technologies have flourished and gradually developed from single control to multi-platform collaborative direction in complex and danger...