To acknowledge all those who have generously dedicated their time and effort to review manuscripts submitted to Hydro Science & Marine Engineering(HSME), we create the HSME 2020 Excellent Reviewer Award to appreciate the Reviewers . We dedicate this award to those who have exhibited dedication, professionalism, and timeliness when reviewing manuscripts. Anonymous peer reviewing helps ensure the quality and integrity of scholarly communication.

The HSME Editorial Office is extremely grateful to reviewers for the time and energy that they have dedicated to peer reviews.
They will receive

  • An electronic certificate;
  • 200 USD discount coupon (available when publishing articles on HSME before December 31, 2021);

Congratulations to the following reviewers :

Imran Ali
Carlo Iapige De Gaetani
Wencheng Guo
Lamine Hassini
Chunning Ji
Bin Liu
Yizi Shang
Jin Wu
Babak Zolghadr-Asli
Dong Xu