Site Characterization Data Model and GIS-based Tools for Offshore Engineering Projects

Matteo Mattioli (Saipem SpA, Fano Via Toniolo 1)
Matteo Valenti Pettino (Saipem SpA, Fano Via Toniolo 1)
Andrea Foresi (Saipem SpA, Fano Via Toniolo 1)
Diego Guidi (Saipem SpA, Fano Via Toniolo 1)

Article ID: 4568


Offshore engineering projects require the management of a huge amount of heterogeneous georeferenced data - among others metocean, geophysical, geotechnical, and environmental, which need a Data Model, data visualization and data analytics features on a common geographic basis. A Digital Data Platform (DDP) has been developed on a GIS ambient with the aim to speed up the engineering design process (i.e. minimization of routine operations), and also prevent misalignment of the data originating from different sources from Owner to Suppliers and any potential loss of information. The proposed GIS architecture is composed by two main components: i) the Data Model geodatabase, and ii) the GIS-Model Toolbar add-in. The proposed development represents a step forward on the definition of a common specification and dictionary for offshore project execution overcoming the current bottlenecking and inefficiency on the design phases between the project owner and the engineering contractor. The paper illustrates “what” and “how”, and in particular: i) the geodatabase and Data Model framework, ii) the required parameters to be organized and stored for offshore engineering design, and iii) the widgets implementation (i.e. GIS-based tools). Its application on a case study project with practical examples is presented. 


GIS, Metocean & Geophysical Database, Digital Data Platform

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