Design and Analysis of Parabolic Trough Solar Water Heating System

Samia Tabassum (Institute of Fuel Research and Development)
Laila Sharmin (Institute of Fuel Research & Development Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Dhaka, Bangladesh)
Muhammad Shahriar Bashar (Institute of Fuel Research & Development Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Dhaka, Bangladesh)
Mashudur Rahaman (Institute of Fuel Research & Development Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Dhaka, Bangladesh)
Sumon Chandra Debnath (Institute of Fuel Research & Development Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Dhaka, Bangladesh)
Mahfuza Khanam (Institute of Fuel Research & Development Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Dhaka, Bangladesh)


Renewable energy technology is one of the prospective sources which can meet the energy demand and can contribute to achieve sustainable development goals. Concentrated collectors are widely used in solar thermal power generation and water heating system also. It is very popular due to its high thermal efficiency, simple construction requirements and low manufacturing cost. This paper is concerned with an experimental study of parabolic trough collector for water heating technology. It focuses on the performance of concentrating solar collector by changing the reflector materials (aluminum sheet, aluminum foil and mirror film). In Bangladesh, it is possible to use low cost solar concentrating technologies for domestic as well as industrial process heat applications. The line focusing parabolic trough collectors have been designed, developed and evaluated its performance by collecting solar radiation, inlet and outlet water temperature, flow rate, efficiency etc.


Solar energy; Parabolic trough collector; Reflector; Efficiency

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