Quality problems and countermeasures in construction process

Chao Xu (Ningbo College Of Health Sciences, Zhejiang Ningbo,315100,China)
Guoping Chen (Ningbo College Of Health Sciences, Zhejiang Ningbo,315100,China)
Honghui Hua (Ningbo College Of Health Sciences, Zhejiang Ningbo,315100,China)


Quality is the life of architecture. Without quality there is nothing. Engineering projects have the characteristics of large investment and long construction period, so the quality of construction projects must be strictly controlled. The control of construction quality of engineering projects is the quality control of the whole process and the participation of all employees.It is the implementation of construction engineering quality regulations and mandatory standards, the correct configuration of construction production management elements and the use of scientific management methods to achieve the expected use function of engineering projects And quality standards, deliver the owner a satisfactory quality project. Most of the quality problems of construction projects appear in the construction stage. Therefore, we must strictly control the quality in project construction, strengthen the whole process management from the organization and management, find a project quality management system suitable for China's national conditions, and be able to eliminate the hidden quality hazards in the project in time to ensure the project The construction project can meet the target requirements, and the project quality can be effectively controlled.This article mainly analyzes the current problems affecting the construction quality, combined with the actual analysis, and then find some countermeasures to solve the problem.


Construction engineering;Quality management;Problems;Countermeasures

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30564/jaeser.v3i1.1878


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