Design and Development of a New Lightweight High-speed Stacker

Zonghui Lu (RIAMB (Beijing) Technology Development Co., Ltd., Beijing, 100120, China)
Yan Li (RIAMB (Beijing) Technology Development Co., Ltd., Beijing, 100120, China)
Qianglong Zhou (RIAMB (Beijing) Technology Development Co., Ltd., Beijing, 100120, China)
Duojia Yu (RIAMB (Beijing) Technology Development Co., Ltd., Beijing, 100120, China)


A new lightweight high-speed stacker is designed and developed. Its technical parameters are leading the industry level, which can meet the current requirements for high efficiency of intelligent logistics system. Starting from the key structure of stacker, through the theoretical analysis of the new mechanism and the comparison of the new and old equipment, the advantages of the new mechanism in improving the efficiency and lightweight design of stacker are explained. Through ANSYS Workbench finite element software, the structural strength of the main bearing mechanism is analyzed, and the results show that the strength meets the requirements.


lightweight high-speed stacker; lattice column; rail clamping type; synchronous belt

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