Research on Restoration and Intelligent Management of the Global Village

Guoquan Lu (Hunan Zhongzhou Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd., Hunan, 414104, China)

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A sharp rebound in global energy emissions in 2018 is disappointing as the carbon-dioxide data monitored by mon ppm, hawaii reached 415.09 on may 3, the highest level in at least 800,000 years. We are well known to emit 0.272 kg of carbon dust ,0.997 kg of carbon dioxide (C02),0.03 kg of sulfur dioxide (S02),0.015 kg of nitrogen oxides (NOX) and huge amounts of heat to the earth for each electricity we use a 1 degree thermal power plant. Therefore, the full use of renewable energy instead of fossil energy, not only to achieve reduction  The effective measures to open the era of boiler and automobile cold emission are also the trend of the development of national environmental protection and energy strategy.


Renewable resources; energy conservation and environmental protection; garbage energy; intelligent management; recycling economy;

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