Tensegrities and Tensioned Structures

Mª Dolores Álvarez Elipe (CEIPSO Salvador Dalí)


"Push-and-pull" efficient structures have been inconceivable between XVIII centuries. It is because of the incapacity of obtain an efficient behaviour of tensioned material. Since XVIII centuries, architecture began to experiment new processes of adaptation defining new typologies in the engineering and architecture that had not been experienced until that moment. Tensegrities and tensioned structures were developed from the study of tension and geometry. Since then it has been emerged studies of this type by researchers who have continued or have been interested in these works.

Tensegrities are bar and cable structures that work only in compression or tension efforts. Bars and cables are balanced, but in appearance the growth is disorderly. Most of deployable structures are based on tensegrity systems.

This paper presents a synthesis of the art state of the set of technical solutions to the design of architectures based on tensegrities and tensioned structures that will be applied to the building construction. The research of adequate materials to tension efforts will be crucial in this study.

This study provides a strong documental foundation for research on the significance of new structural and constructive systems in the production of the current architecture based on tensegrities and tensioned structures.



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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30564/jaeser.v3i3.2155


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