Study on Opioids Diffusion Based on Improved SIR Model

Yaning Tan (North China University of Science and Technology)
Jiaqi Wu (North China University of Science and Technology)
Zeming Jin (North China University of Science and Technology)


The abuse of opioids is harmful to the national economy and health. The U.S. government has spent a lot of time, energy and money to deal with this phenomenon. Based on the topic background and team discussion, we deeply excavated the data and information provided in the topic, determined the current use of opioids, and constructed an improved SIR model to determine the source of drug abuse, the mechanism of drug abuse diffusion and the origin of each state through reverse derivation, which provided guidance for the government in the context of opioid abuse.Based on the above results, we simulated and analyzed the improved SIR model and determined the accuracy and stability of the model in the data set.


Opioids;Diffusion model;Grey relational analysis

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