Survey and Research on Health Information Assistance Needs of Junior Middle School Students in Different Regions of Guangdong Province

Donglan Liu (The First Affiliated Hospital, Sun Yat-sen University)
Jinmei Deng (Yanggan Middle School in Suixi)
Weigao Huang (Dongqu Middle School)
Yongxun Cao (Dongqu Middle School)
Yinghua Long (The First Affiliated Hospital, Sun Yat-sen University)


Objective: To study the health information assistance needs of junior high school students in 8 different regions of Guangdong Province in a cluster, to understand the current situation of junior high school students' health information assistance needs, and to collect feasibility data for hospitals and schools to jointly promote the healthy development of students. Methods: In June 2019, a group of junior high school students from 8 different regions in Guangdong Province [678 students (in 2 towns), 352 students (in 2 counties and prefecture-level cities), and 1098 students (in 4 provincial-level cities)] were selected in a group. A questionnaire survey was conducted by 2128 people, the results of the questionnaire survey were collected, and statistical analysis was performed. Results: Of the 2128 junior high school students in 8 different regions, only 52.07% had confidence in their health, and there were no regional differences. Health information for students seeking professional medical assistance includes: 1578 person-times (74.15%) of nutritional diets, 1084 person-times (50.94%) to eliminate tiredness, 1190 person-times (55.92%) to improve sleep quality, 1002 person-times (47.09%) to reduce anxiety, making him happier and stronger 1164 person-times ( 54.70%). Students in different regions asked for help on how to make their hearts happier and stronger. The results suggest that provincial and county-level students have greater needs than urban students. Conclusion: The results of this research show that junior high school students in different regions of Guangdong Province have insufficient awareness of health, and there is a large demand for various health help information, and the focus is on prevention. It is of practical significance to strengthen and meet the health information needs of junior high school students.


Junior high school students; Health information; Assistance; Needs

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