Analysis and Nursing Health Education of Current Status of Maintenance Hemodialysis Patients with Hyperphosphatemia

Wenwen He (Department of Nephrology (Blood Purification Center), China-Japan Friendship Hospital)
Yingyi Bi (Department of Nephrology (Blood Purification Center), China-Japan Friendship Hospital)
Hongjiao Xu (Department of Nephrology (Blood Purification Center), China-Japan Friendship Hospital)
Liqian Gao (Department of Nephrology (Blood Purification Center), China-Japan Friendship Hospital)
Xing Zhao (Department of Nephrology (Blood Purification Center), China-Japan Friendship Hospital)


Concerned about the current situation of hemodialysis patients' awareness of the problems related to dialysis complicated with hyperphosphatemia, further analyze the existing problems and causes, give targeted and individualized health education, improve the compliance of diet, medication and self-management, strengthen nurse-patient communication, establish a good nurse-patient relationship, reduce and control the incidence of hyperphosphatemia, improve patients' quality of life, and improve prognosis.


Hemodialysis; Hyperphosphatemia; Nursing health education

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