Influence of Personality Characteristics and Psychological Intervention on Treatment Satisfaction of Juvenile Orthodontic Patients

Feifei Wang (Department of Stomatology, Zhenjiang Fourth People’s Hospital)
Xueting Liu (Department of Stomatology, Zhenjiang Fourth People’s Hospital)
Manli Ruan (Department of Stomatology, Zhenjiang Fourth People’s Hospital)


Orthodontics is the correction and treatment of malocclusion deformity caused by a variety of reasons. Malocclusion malformation has a direct impact on people’s facial features, while likely to cause some diseases involving the mouth in the long-term life. For adolescents, malocclusion has a great physical and mental impact. This article first have a simple overview of malocclusion deformity and orthodontic treatment, analysis of youth physical and mental development characteristics and adolescent personality traits. Through the way of completely random sampling, eighty teenage orthodontic patients can be divided into two groups, respectively as the control group and psychological intervention group. Though survey assessment after several stages treatment, explore impact on the psychological intervention in patients with juvenile orthodontic treatment satisfaction degree.


Personality characteristics; Oral orthodontic; Psychological intervention; Adolescents

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