Research Progress of Vitamin D and Autoimmune Diseases

Saijia Li (First Clinical College, Hainan Medical College)
Zhilu Li (First Clinical College, Hainan Medical College)
Guanlu Li (School of International Education, Hainan Medical College)
Yiyu Cai (School of Tropical Medicine and Laboratory Medicine, Hainan Medical College)
Yuxuan Wang (School of Public Health, Hainan Medical College)
Pingping Yan (Clinical Skills Center, Hainan Medical College)


As a fat-soluble vitamin, Vitamin D is a necessary hormone to maintain normal physiological activities of the body. In recent years, vitamin D has been considered as a new neuroendocrine-immunomodulatory hormone, and researchers have paid more attention to the study of immune regulatory mechanism. It is not only related to calcium and phosphorus metabolism, bone metabolism and other important metabolic mechanisms of the body, but also closely related to the immune regulation mechanism of the body. Vitamin D deficiency caused by many factors can play a certain role in the development of autoimmune diseases. In this paper, the related mechanisms of vitamin D affecting autoimmune diseases were reviewed, with a view to expound the close correlation between vitamin D and autoimmune diseases, so as to find new diagnosis and treatment approaches for clinical autoimmune diseases and improve the quality of life of patients with autoimmune diseases.


Vitamin D; Immune regulation; Autoimmune diseases

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