Study on Extraction Technology for Polysaccharide from Blood-supplementing Angelica Sinensis Decoction

Li Li (Pingdingshan University)


Purpose:Optimize water-alcohol technology for extracting polysaccharide from blood-supplementing angelica sinensis decoction to improve the extraction rate. Method:Draw the standard curve of glucose reference substance and build the regression equation to calculate the polysaccharide content. Investigate the effect of water addition times, extraction duration, extraction times, ethanol concentration for ethanol precipitation and times of ethanol precipitation on the extraction rate of polysaccharide. Result Add 8 times the medicinal material quality of water, and perform 2 extractions for 120min each time; it shows that conducting 2 ethanol precipitations with 80% ethanol concentration results in the maximum polysaccharide content, indicating the best extraction condition. Conclusion:The experiment establishes an easy and convenient water-alcohol method for extracting polysaccharide from blood-supplementing angelica sinensis decoction, and lays a research foundation on pharmacodynamics of polysaccharide in blood-supplementing angelica sinensis decoction. 


Blood-supplementing angelica sinensis decoction; Angelica sinensis; Milkvetch; Polysaccharide; Extraction Technology

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