Probe into Reverse Operation of Apoptosis Gene

Zhongliang Wang (Shaanxi Medical School)


Objective: The programmed death process of cells according to gene coding belongs to apoptotic natural extinction (PCD). The purpose of this study is to explore the phenomenon of “returning to old age and rejuvenating children” in the extreme anoxia, no nutrients and survival in the extreme environment of fish and earthworm. Methods: the adult earthworms were put into the sealed quartz sand or fine yellow sand plastic bottle with humidity of 35-40%70 ml and poured out 100-150 d, then put back into the natural environment (simulated natural plastic basin) and raised 100-150 d, to collect the experimental information. The same object can be observed repeatedly. Results: The earthworms which were closed in the little oxygen-free and nutrition-deficient vials were reduced by autophagy, and the rings and reproductive pores disappeared completely. When they were put back into the natural environment for two or three months, they were all restored to their original morphological structure. Conclusion: Most of the same subjects underwent 1-3 years of cyclic observation. The biological structure was adapted to the changing environment. It was helped by the resonance of many biota and complex stress factors.


The reversal of apoptotic gene; Stress Inverse Operating Regulators; Metabolic resonance between microbial communities in organisms

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