Research and Prospect of Quality Development of Pharmaceutical Technology in Drug Research and Development

Bei Zhang (Beijing Global Pharmaceutical Research Co., Ltd.)
Zongchao Ning (Beijing Inno-tech Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.)


Pharmaceutical technology is an indispensable and important link in drug research and development, which plays a key role in drug research and development quality. In the background of science and technology development, pharmaceutical technology has been greatly developed, but also to promote the quality of drug research and development, to provide more guarantee for people’s health. In the new era, how to achieve pharmaceutical technology innovation, so as to further improve the quality of drug research and development, is an important research topic in the current related industries. This paper mainly revolves around quality of pharmaceutical technology development of a series of exploration, in the traditional drug development based on a better control of drug quality, the future of smart pharmaceutical green pharmaceutical development direction, aims to further enhance the pharmaceutical technology, promote the quality of research and development to promote the comprehensive, promote the steady development of the pharmaceutical industry as a whole.


Drug research and development; Pharmaceutical process; Quality development; Intelligent pharmaceutical; Green pharmaceutical

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