The Application of Block Chain Technology in Medical Management

Wenjing Zhu (First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University)
Zhuanglian Mai (First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University)


With the gradual development of social economy, the social function of medical institutions is becoming more and more important. Strengthening the efficiency and quality of medical management can alleviate the contradiction between doctors and patients and improve the level of medical service. Promoting the sustainable development of medical institutions plays a key role. Under the background of the development of science and technology, the theoretical research and practical application of block chain technology are becoming more and more mature, which can not only store and transmit information effectively, but also strengthen the security of information storage. The effective combination of block chain technology and medical management can create a new operation mode and train of thought for medical management and promote the overall improvement of medical management quality and efficiency. It is very helpful to optimize the social service function in medical field. This paper mainly expounds and probes into the concept characteristics of block chain technology, its concrete application in medical management, application effect control strategy and so on. It aims to further strengthen the depth and breadth of application of block chain technology in medical management, provide strong power support for the improvement of medical management service level and promote the sustainable development of medical and health industry.


Blockchain technology; Medical management; Information; Application

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