Research Progress on Effective Implementation of Whole Process Nursing Model for Patients with Cervical Cancer

Jierong Lu (Affiliated Cancer Hospital of Guangxi Medical University)
Pan Qi (Affiliated Cancer Hospital of Guangxi Medical University)

Article ID: 3623



Cervical cancer has a high mortality rate in clinic. This disease seriously threatens the physical and mental health and life safety of patients. At present, radical surgery is mainly used for treatment, but in order to reduce the incidence of intraoperative and postoperative complications, corresponding nursing needs to be coordinated. This time focuses on the complications after radical surgery for cervical cancer, and puts forward the nursing methods of common complications of transabdominal radical surgery for cervical cancer. In order to improve the quality of nursing and life of patients, this paper summarizes the effective implementation of the whole process nursing model after cervical cancer surgery.


Cervical cancer; Whole course nursing mode; Implementation

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