One Case of Autopsy Pathological Analysis of Acute Pancreatitis Combined with Hemorrhage in Pericardial Cavity

Na Tan (Affliated Hospital of Zunyi Medical College)
Hong Zheng (Affliated Hospital of Zunyi Medical College)
Jinjing Wang (Affliated Hospital of Zunyi Medical College)
Ying Cha (Affliated Hospital of Zunyi Medical College)
Jiajia Huang (Affliated Hospital of Zunyi Medical College)
Xiaorong Yang (Affliated Hospital of Zunyi Medical College)
Xinglong Wu (Affliated Hospital of Zunyi Medical College)


Senile male, physically ft at usual, he died suddenly without any clinical symptoms. By autopsy dissection, it was found that large amount of bleeding was presented in pericardial cavity, the abdominal cavity and thoracic cavity had a small amount of hemorrhage, partial pancrea tissue had coagulation necrosis accompanied with infltration of neutrophile granulocyte and degeneration and necrosis of liver cell accompanied with acute or chronic inflammation cell infltration. Laboratory examination of the patient when he was alive suggested that liver function and coagulation function had obstacles, there was not any timely clinical process, and he died suddenly. Autopsy examination results suggested that acute pancreatitis caused a large quantity of bleeding in pericardial cavity, which led to cardiac tamponade and it cause acute circulation failure, which initiated cardiac arrest and then death. Coronary heart disease may exert certain facilitation effect in the death process. Patients with pancreatitis, especially the senile and pancreatitis patients with coronary artery disease, should be evaluated and prevented ahead of schedule, for those patients who had coma suddenly, it should be thought that it had possibility of combining with hemorrhage in the interior of pericardial cavity, the patient's doctor should try his or her best to reduce death rate.


Acute pancreatitis; Hemorrhage in pericardial cavity

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