The Progress of the General Prevention and Treatment of Pediatric Caries in China

Jinping Liu (Beijing Tongzhou District Xinhua Hospital)


At present, caries has become one of the diseases that threaten peoples' health. Because caries usually does not affect patients' life safety, it is not paid enough attention to. In fact, the harm of caries to human health is significant. Caries can cause damage, defect or loss of teeth in the oral cavity. And it may seriously affect the quality of life and health of patients. Especially for children, they are in a critical period of growth and development. Caries may cause pain, lead to inflammation of alveolar bone and jawbone. The development of the dental system will be affected, and even lead to deformity. The prevalence of caries is high in children. Therefore, general prevention and treatment of caries is of great significance to the healthy growth of children


China; Pediatric caries; Prevention; Treatment; Development

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