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Yan Zhang, Hongyang Jiang, Dianyuan Liu, Shengxue Li, Qing Wang

Article ID: 3543
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Abstract: Objective:  To study the effect of probiotics on gut microbiota in Type 2 diabetes patients and its clinical application value. Methods:  Select Type 2 diabetes patients to take orally probiotics for 24 weeks, collect stool samples of subjects at the baseline and end of the trial, identify and analyze gut microbiota of each...
Jierong Lu, Pan Qi

Article ID: 3623
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Abstract: Cervical cancer has a high mortality rate in clinic. This disease seriously threatens the physical and mental health and life safety of patients. At present, radical surgery is mainly used for treatment, but in order to reduce the incidence of intraoperative and postoperative complications, corresponding nursing needs to be coordinated. Th...
Anqi Zhang, Mengjiao Wu, Luxi Mao, Qianhuan Zhang, Bingqian Zhou, Jingxin Wang

Article ID: 3688
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Abstract: Objective : To explore the effects of functional electrical stimulation and functional mid frequency electrical stimulation on lower limb function and balance function in stroke patients. Methods : </s...
Qin Xu, Qijun Dai

Article ID: 3691
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Abstract: Hemichorea associated with non-ketotic hyperglycemia (HC-NH) is a rare disease. The purpose of this case report is to introduce a patient with HC-NH and provide a schedule of examination and follow-up treatment. We also reviewed the current understanding of pathophysiology and treatment and how to apply it to our patients. The case involve...
Ligong Zeng, Zhiwei Zhang, Jixuan Yao, Ruyi Zhang, Zeyang Wu, Zihan Wang, Ziqiang Huang, Pingping Yan

Article ID: 3769
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Abstract: The intestinal microbiota is the cornerstone of the human intestinal microecosystem and plays an unnegligible role in the growth and health maintenance of the human body. In recent years, many studies have been committed to explor ing  the potential connection of gut flora and the elderly population. The ...
Muzi Cui, Jianhua Wu, Yin Zhang, Sixing Liu, Shifeng Shuai, Liyi Dan, Pingping Yan

Article ID: 3770
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Abstract: The exploration of human life and health is advancing with the changes of t he t imes. With the growth of age, the occurrence of chronic diseases of human immunity and organ system is frequent, which has a serious impact on human health....
Jiefeng Jiang

Article ID: 3781
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Abstract: Objective:  To study the effect of high-quality nursing combined with breathing exercises on patients with COPD. Methods:  Using the random number table method of medical experiments, 60 patients with COPD received in our hospital from March 2020 to March 2021 were used as research samples. According to the ...
Yongcai Wang, Yanmin Li, Yingang Li

Article ID: 3809
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Abstract: O steonecrosis of the femoral head is a common disability disease of the hip joint in China, and osteonecrosis of the femoral head caused by hormone factors is the most common, which is related to the gradual increase in the utilization rate of glucocorticoids in recent years. It is a refractory disease ...
Lei Feng

Article ID: 4107
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Abstract: Objective:  To explore the application of thoracic nerve block and propofol anesthesia in the treatment and perioperative period. Methods: A total of 40 patients with thoracotomy for esophageal cancer between May 2020 and September 2021 in the hospital were selected to participate in this study. All the pat...