Evaluations of the Characteristics of the Tropo-Strato-Mesopause Height and Temperature Variability over Bahir Dar, Ethiopia (11.60 N, 37.30 E) Using SABER

Chalachew Lingerew (Washera Geospace and Radar Science Research Laboratory (WaGRL) Bahir Dar University, Department of physics,Bahir Dar, Ethiopia;Departments of physics, college of science, Kebri Dehar university, Kebri Dehar, Ethiopia)
U. Jaya Prakash Raju (Washera Geospace and Radar Science Research Laboratory (WaGRL) Bahir Dar University, Department of physics,Bahir Dar, Ethiopia)

Article ID: 2539

DOI: https://doi.org/10.30564/jasr.v4i1.2539


The height profile of atmospheric temperature data between 12 km and 100 km was obtained from SABER/TIMED satellite instruments during the year 2016 and used to characterize the three atmospheric pauses temporal variability of height and temperature over Bahir Dar, Ethiopia (11.60 N, 37.30 E). The daily, monthly, and frequency distributions of tropopause-stratopause-mesopause height and temperature are investigated. From the frequency distribution, we had found that of the tropopause-stratopause-mesopause height 17 km, 48 km, and 98 km with the corresponding temperature 192 K, 268 K, and 148 K. The decrement (cooling) trend lines of tropopause height 0.7 K/year and its corresponding tropopause increment temperature has been ~1.5 K/year. The stratopause and mesopause trend lines of height are insignificant and the corresponding decrement (cooling) temperatures are ~3 K/year and ~13 K/year respectively. The mean monthly maximum heights of tropopause 19 km in May with a corresponding maximum temperature of 201 K in September. The maximum stratopause height 49.5 km in February and July and its temperature 268 K and 267 K in February and April respectively. The maximum mesopause height 98 km, 95 km, 97 km in March, Jun, and November respectively, and its maximum temperature 196 K and 198 K in January and July respectively.


SABER; Tropopause-Stratopause-Mesopause height and temperature

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