Study on the Causes of Rural Lightning Disaster and Countermeasures of Lightning Protection and Disaster Reduction

Zhiqing Yuan (Lightning protection center of Henan Zhumadian Meteorological Bureau, Henan, 46300, China)

Article ID: 2916



With the development of the time and the progress of economy, great changes have taken place in the environment. In recent years, it is common to see bad weather, such as hurricane, drought, lightning and so on. The emergence of these weather has the greatest impact on farmers and crops, especially the lightning weather, not only that, but also sometimes cause personal injury. In face of the frequent occurrence of bad weather in recent years and its harm and threat to China's agriculture, rural areas, personnel, etc., the author makes a detailed study on the causes of rural lightning weather, analyzes the lightning protection measures in rural areas and their shortcomings, and summarizes the relevant improvement measures.


Lightning disaster; Cause analysis; Lightning mitigation measures; Lightning protection status

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