Comparative Study of the Aladin and Arome Wind Effect on Waves Characteristics: Application on the International Port of Algiers

Sara Chikhi (University of Science and Technology Houari Boumediene)
Mohamed El-Amine Slimani (University of Science and Technology Houari Boumediene)


The sea states numerical modeling has been developed for years, it used for very varied fields such as the sizing of coastal work, the safety of navigation, the study of the stability of the beaches or the water leisure.  The spectral third-generation ocean wind-wave model WAVEWATCH III (WW3) software was adopted and developed for simulating wave propagation in the Mediterranean basin.  In this study, a more detailed study was carried out on the port of Algiers. Two different atmospheric models have been used to get the wind forcing: ALADIN (Area Limited Dynamic Adaptation Inter National Development) with an 8 km resolution. And AROME (Application to Operational Research at Meso-scale) with a 3 km resolution. The results obtained using both of the atmospheric models have been compared and analyzed.


Wind-Waves; Wave propagation; Mediterranean basin; WAVEWATCH; Wave-characteristics

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