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Sara Chikhi, Mohamed El-Amine Slimani

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Abstract:The sea states numerical modeling has been developed for years, it used for very varied fields such as the sizing of coastal work, the safety of navigation, the study of the stability of the beaches or the water leisure.  The spectral third-generation ocean wind-wave model WAVEWATCH III (WW3) software was adopted and developed for simulating wave propagation...
Ankita Nath, Reshmita Nath

Article ID: 1182
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Abstract: The Greater Hinggan Forest was the world’s largest stand of evergreens, along the Black Dragon River (also known as Amur), which forms the border between Chinese Manchuria and Soviet Siberia. Black Dragon fire ranks as one of the worst environmental disasters of the 20th century and it burned about 18 million acres of conifer forest. In the 2 nd ...
Aditi Singh

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Abstract: Air pollution is an issue of great concern in any urban region due to its serious health implications. The capital of India, New Delhi continues to be in the list of most polluted cities since 2014. The air quality of any region depends on the ability of dispersion of air pollutants. The height or depth of the atmospheric boundary layer (ABL) is one measu...
Bezon Kumar, Arif Ibne Asad, Borun Chandraaroy, Purnima Banik

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Abstract: This paper mainly investigates the perception and knowledge on climate change of the university students in Bangladesh. To carry out this study, primary data are collected from 370 students and uses several statistical methods. Perception and knowledge on the causes, effects and mitigation ways of climate change problems, and perceived duties to combat ag...