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Joy Karmakar

Article ID: 2231
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Abstract:In 2016 WHO reported that Kolkata is the second most polluted city in India behind Delhi. Albeit the number of registered vehicles in Kolkata is much less compare to Delhi. Kolkata has encountered a decade long battle against change of old vehicles and fuel types. So, this paper made an attempt to explore the dynamics of air pollution in the city specially p...
Tatiana L. Ananina, Alexander A. Ananin

Article ID: 2255
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Abstract: Due to global climate change it is important to constantly monitor the current climate state, observed trends and timely detection of their changes. The change in the hydrothermal regime has to result into changes in natural ecosystems. The analysis of long-term changes of mean annual temperatures and annual precipitation in warm and cold seasons over 195...
Naveen P Singh, Bhawna Anand, S K Srivastava, K V Rao, S K Bal, M Prabhakar

Article ID: 2269
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Abstract: The study attempts to estimate and predict climate impact on crop yields using future temperature projections under two climate emissions scenarios of RCP 4.5 and 8.5 for three different time periods (2030s, 2050s and 2080s) across Agro-climatic zones (ACZ) of India. During the period 1966-2011, a significant rise was observed in both the ...
Victor Tarasenko, Evgenii Baksht, Vladimir Kuznetsov, Victor Panarin, Victor Skakun, Eduard Sosnin, Dmitry Beloplotov

Article ID: 2342
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Abstract:The paper presents research data on positive and negative coronas in atmospheric pressure air in a highly inhomogeneous electric field. The data show that irrespective of the polarity of pointed electrodes placed in a high electric field (200 kV/cm), this type of discharge develops via ball streamers even if the gap voltage rises slowly (0.2 kV/ms). The star...
Asad Ullah, Sayyed Iftekhar Ahmad, Rafi Ullah, Atta Ullah Khan, Sikandar Khan, Waheed Ullah, Abdul Waris

Article ID: 2275
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Abstract: Climatic changes and their impact are increasingly evident in Pakistan, especially in the mountainous regions. Mountain ecosystems are considered to be sensitive indicators of global warming; even slight variations in temperature can lead to significant shifts in local climate, which can, in turn, drastically affect the natural environment, subsequently a...