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Peter Mazurkin

Article ID: 4674
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Abstract: The regularities of the dynamics of the average annual temperature of Berlin from 1701 to 2021 are revealed. A total of 65 wavelets were received. The temperature has a high quantum certainty, and the change in the average annual temperature of Berlin was identified by a model that contains only two components for prediction. The basis of the forecast at ...
Kuldeep Srivastava

Article ID: 4769
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Abstract: Regional Weather Forecasting Centre (RWFC) New Delhi has the responsibility to issue and disseminate rainfall forecast for Delhi. So it is very important to scientifically verify the rainfall forecast issued by RWFC. In this study rainfall forecast verification of Delhi has been carried out annually and season wise for the period 2011 to 2021. Various sta...
Victor Tarasenko, Nikita Vinogradov, Evgenii Baksht, Dmitry Sorokin

Article ID: 4858
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Abstract: Over the past three decades, research of high-altitude atmospheric discharges has received a lot of attention. This paper presents the results of experimental modeling of red sprites during a discharge in low-pressure air. To initiate ionization waves in a quartz tube, an electrodeless pulseperiodic discharge fed by microsecond voltage pulses with an ampl...
Elena S. Andreeva, Sergey S. Andreev, Anna A. Parshina

Article ID: 4845
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Abstract: The article is devoted to the discussion of the advantages of assessing the environmental comfort of the climate, based on the natural features of the climate and the bioclimatic conditions of the territory. The study assessed the ecological comfort of the climate in the city of Taganrog on the basis of the developed original sequence of ...


Victor Adjei, Elijah Foh Amaning, Isaac Tettey Adjokatse

Article ID: 4778
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Abstract: For the past few decades, illegal mining sector in Ghana popularly known as galamsey has received public outcry due to its negative impacts on quantity and quality of water resources. The purpose of this study was to explore the combined effects of mining in water bodies and climate change on water resources in Ghana. The methodology explo...