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Sabur F. Abdullaev, Irina. N. Sokolik

Article ID: 352
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Abstract: Dust storms are commonly occurring phenomena in Tajikistan. The known aridity of the region is a major factor in promoting numerous dust storms. They have many diverse impacts on the environment and the climate of the region. The classification of dust storms and synoptic conditions related to their formation in Central Asia are discussed in the content o...
José San José, Rubén Montes, Rafael Herrera, Jair M. Maia, Nina Nikonova

Article ID: 558
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Abstract: The seasonal changes in the energy balance after the substitution of a herbaceous savanna by a Brachiaria  field located in the Orinoco lowlands were assessed over an entire year using the eddy covariance technique. Simultaneously, an herbaceous savanna was monitored as a control. This work provides evidence that the vegetation replacement lead to...
Naru Xie, Meng Gao, Zhiqiang Gao

Article ID: 919
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Abstract: The East China coast is one major cyclogenesis region of extratropical cyclones (ETCs) in boreal winter. In this study, the climatological characteristics of winter ETCs passing over the coastal water of China are analyzed by using clustering and composite analysis. Automated cyclone detection and tracking algorithm are used to identify the ETCs, which ar...


Haitao Yan

Article ID: 543
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Abstract: In order to improve the standardization, specialization, intelligence and timeliness of the new generation weather radar fault repair, the technical threshold of radar fault repair is greatly reduced, so that the general operators can carry out radar fault repair work. In order to achieve this goal, this paper designs a new generation weather radar fault ...