Issue Title
Volume 5, Issue 4 (2022) A Diagnostic Method for Fog Forecasting Using Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) Model Outputs Abstract   PDF
Aditi Singh, R. S. Maheskumar, Gopal R. Iyengar
Volume 5, Issue 1 (2022) A Preliminary Exploration of the Functional Value Assessment of Ecosystem Services in Aral City Abstract   PDF
Guona Luo, Xiancan Li, Shuang Liu, Muhang Li, Shuya Zhang
Volume 3, Issue 3 (2020) Absence of the Impact of the Flux of Cosmic Rays and the Cloud Cover on the Energy Balance of the Earth Abstract   PDF
H. I. Abdussamatov
Volume 5, Issue 1 (2022) Advanced Method for Forecasting and Warning of Severe Convective Weather and Local-scale Hazards Abstract   PDF
V. Spiridonov, N. Sladić, B. Jakimovski, M. Ćurić
Volume 5, Issue 1 (2022) Agroforestry for Climate Change Adaptation, Resilience Enhancement and Vulnerability Attenuation in Smallholder Farming Systems in Cameroon Abstract   PDF
Nyong Princely Awazi
Volume 3, Issue 4 (2020) Air Pollution in Kolkata: Emerging Challenges and Dynamics Abstract   PDF
Joy Karmakar
Volume 4, Issue 3 (2021) An Exigency for Ice Core Studies to Determine Spatio-temporal Variability in Moisture Sources and Impact of Black Carbon – Mineral Aerosols on the Himalayan Glaciers Abstract   PDF
Sheikh Nawaz Ali, Anil D. Shukla
Volume 3, Issue 4 (2020) Assessing the Impacts of Climate Change on Crop Yields in Different Agro-climatic Zones of India Abstract   PDF
Naveen P Singh, Bhawna Anand, S K Srivastava, K V Rao, S K Bal, M Prabhakar
Volume 4, Issue 2 (2021) Assessment of the Off-season Rainfall of January to February 2020 and Its Socio Economic Implications in Tanzania: A Case Study of the Northern Coast of Tanzania Abstract   PDF
Kombo Hamad Kai, Sarah E Osima, Agnes Laurence Kijazi, Mohammed Khamis Ngwali, Asya Omar Hamad
Volume 5, Issue 3 (2022) Asymmetric Mean Annual Temperature Wavelets Surface Air Layer of Berlin for 1701–2021 Abstract   PDF
Peter Mazurkin
Volume 2, Issue 4 (2019) Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide and Climate Abstract   PDF
Boris.M. Smirnov
Volume 1, Issue 1 (2018) Atmospheric Meteorological Parameters and Ionospheric F2 Layer Critical Frequency (foF2) Observation for 6th December, 2016 Indonesia Earthquake (M 6.5): A Case Study Abstract   PDF
Suman Paul
Volume 3, Issue 1 (2020) Behavior of the Cultivable Airborne Mycobiota in Air-Conditioned Environments of Three Havanan Archives, Cuba Abstract   PDF
Sofia Flavia Borrego Alonso, Alian Molina
Volume 4, Issue 1 (2021) Bioclimatic Regularities of Change in the Density of Organic Carbon of the Steppe Soil in Different Regions of the World Abstract   PDF
Peter M. Mazurkin
Volume 3, Issue 2 (2020) Characterization of PM2.5 Mass Concentration in the Onshore of Sanya, China Abstract   PDF
Ping Wang, Chao Han, Youzhi Zhao, Wenci Ding, Zengzeng Li
Volume 4, Issue 2 (2021) Climate Induced Virus Generated Communicable Diseases: Management Issues and Failures Abstract   PDF
Ravi Kant Upadhyay
Volume 3, Issue 4 (2020) Climatic Changes and Their Effect on Wildlife of District Dir Lower, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan Abstract   PDF
Asad Ullah, Sayyed Iftekhar Ahmad, Rafi Ullah, Atta Ullah Khan, Sikandar Khan, Waheed Ullah, Abdul Waris
Volume 2, Issue 1 (2019) Climatology of Energetics of Cyclones over Indian Seas Abstract   PDF
Somenath Dutta, Geena Sandhu, Sanjay G Narkhedkar, Sunitha Devi
Volume 2, Issue 2 (2019) Climatology of Winter Extratropical Cyclones over the Coastal Waters of China Abstract   PDF
Naru Xie, Meng Gao, Zhiqiang Gao
Volume 2, Issue 1 (2019) Cogeneration Potential in the Industrial Sector and Gas Emission Reduction: A Case Study Abstract   PDF
Natália de Assis Brasil Webe, Hirdan Katarina de Medeiros Costa
Volume 2, Issue 3 (2019) Comparative Study of the Aladin and Arome Wind Effect on Waves Characteristics: Application on the International Port of Algiers Abstract   PDF
Sara Chikhi, Mohamed El-Amine Slimani
Volume 4, Issue 1 (2021) Coordinates over Complex Terrain in Atmospheric Model Abstract   PDF
Wen-Yih Sun
Volume 3, Issue 4 (2020) Corona with Streamers in Atmospheric Pressure Air in a Highly Inhomogeneous Electric Field Abstract   PDF
Victor Tarasenko, Evgenii Baksht, Vladimir Kuznetsov, Victor Panarin, Victor Skakun, Eduard Sosnin, Dmitry Beloplotov
Volume 3, Issue 3 (2020) Cyclone Bomb Hits Southern Brazil in 2020 Abstract   PDF
Ricardo Gobato, Alireza Heidari
Volume 2, Issue 1 (2019) Design Scheme of Electric Lifting Workbench for Maintenance of Aerometer in Observation Field Abstract   PDF
Haitao Yan
Volume 3, Issue 3 (2020) Development and Rapid Intensification of Tropical Cyclone OCKHI (2017) over the North Indian Ocean Abstract   PDF
Geetha B, Balachandran S
Volume 4, Issue 4 (2021) Dual Anthropogenic Origin of Global Warming through GHGs and IR Radiation Emissions from Artificialized Soils Abstract   PDF
Romdhane Ben Slama
Volume 4, Issue 3 (2021) Effect of Varying Aerosol Concentrations and Relative Humidity on Visibility and Particle Size Distribution in Urban Atmosphere Abstract   PDF
Ummulkhair Abdulkarim, Bello Tijjani
Volume 1, Issue 1 (2018) EmissV: A preprocessor for WRF-Chem model Abstract   PDF
Daniel Schuch, Sergio Ibarra, Edmilson Dias de Freitas, Maria de Fátima Andrade
Volume 5, Issue 4 (2022) Ensemble Cloud Model Application in Simulating the Catastrophic Heavy Rainfall Event Abstract   PDF
Vlado Spiridonov, Mladjen Curic, Marija Grcic, Boro Jakimovski
Volume 1, Issue 1 (2018) Environmental Energetics aspects of anomalous Cyclogenesis over Indian Ocean during 2013 Abstract   PDF   PDF
Somenath Dutta, Narkhedkar S. G., Sunitha Devi, Sudheesh TM
Volume 4, Issue 1 (2021) Evaluations of the Characteristics of the Tropo-Strato-Mesopause Height and Temperature Variability over Bahir Dar, Ethiopia (11.60 N, 37.30 E) Using SABER Abstract   PDF
Chalachew Lingerew, U. Jaya Prakash Raju
Volume 5, Issue 3 (2022) Experimental Simulation of Red Sprites in a Laboratory Abstract   PDF
Victor Tarasenko, Nikita Vinogradov, Evgenii Baksht, Dmitry Sorokin
Volume 2, Issue 2 (2019) Exploration and Research on Fault Maintenance System of New Generation Weather Radar Abstract   PDF
Haitao Yan
Volume 3, Issue 2 (2020) Features of the Three Dimensional Structure in the Pacific Sub-surface Layer in Summer Abstract   PDF
Luyuan Chen, Rong Cheng, Feimin Zhang, Kai Yang, Chenghai Wang
Volume 5, Issue 4 (2022) Forage Monitoring and Prediction Model for Early Warning Application over the East of Africa Region Abstract   PDF
Jully Odhiambo Ouma, Dereje Wakjira, Ahmed Amdihun, Eva Nyaga, Franklin Opijah, John Muthama, Viola Otieno, Eugene Kayijamahe, Solomon Munywa, Guleid Artan
Volume 5, Issue 2 (2022) Gathering Data, Providing Theoretical Foundations and Proposing Practical Pollution Reducing Measures to Strengthen the Global Fight against a Warming Atmosphere Details   PDF
Service Opare
Volume 5, Issue 1 (2022) GIS & Remote Sensing Based Morphometric Parameters and Topographic Changes of the Lower Orashi River in Niger Delta Abstract   PDF
Desmond Eteh, Edirin Akpofure, Solomon Otobo
Volume 6, Issue 1 (2023): In progress Global Effect of Climate Change on Seasonal Cycles, Vector Population and Rising Challenges of Communicable Diseases: A Review Abstract   PDF   PDF
Nidhi Yadav, Ravi Kant Upadhyay
Volume 3, Issue 3 (2020) Global Environmental Forecast and Roadmap Based on 420 kY of Paleoclimatology Abstract   PDF
Thomas F. Valone
Volume 3, Issue 2 (2020) Global Warming and Its Multiple Causes Abstract   PDF
Romdhane Ben Slama
Volume 1, Issue 1 (2018) High-Resolution Radiometer for Remote Sensing of Solar Flare Activity from Low Earth Orbit Satellites Abstract   PDF
Luca Aluigi
Volume 5, Issue 2 (2022) History and Projection of Hydrological Droughts in the Benin Basin of the Niger River (Benin) Abstract   PDF
Yarou Halissou, Alamou Adéchina Eric, Biao Iboukoun Eliézer, Obada Ezéchiel, Tore Daniel Bio, Afouda Abel
Volume 2, Issue 3 (2019) Identification of Black Dragon Forest Fire in Amur River Basin Using Satellite Borne NDVI Data and Its Impact on Long Range Transport of Pollutants: A Case Study Abstract   PDF
Ankita Nath, Reshmita Nath
Volume 6, Issue 1 (2023): In progress Indoor Air Pollution and Its Determinants in Household Settings in Jaipur, India Abstract   PDF
Anukrati Dhabhai, Arun Kumar Sharma, Gaurav Dalela, S.S Mohanty, Ramesh Kumar Hudda, Rajnish Gupta
Volume 5, Issue 4 (2022) Indoor Particulate Matter Assessment in a Northern Nigerian Abattoir and a Residential Building Abstract   PDF
Francis Olawale Abulude, Abigail Oluwakemi Feyisetan, Kikelomo Mabinuola Arifalo, Akinyinka Akinnusotu, Lateef Johnson Bello
Volume 3, Issue 3 (2020) Influence of the 60 Hz Magnetic Field on the Airborne Microbial Distribution of Indoor Environments Abstract   PDF
Matilde Anaya, Sofia F. Borrego, Miguel Castro, Oderlaise Valdés, Alian Molina
Volume 4, Issue 3 (2021) Kinetics of the Oxidation of Hydrogen Sulfide by Atmospheric Oxygen in an Aqueous Medium Abstract   PDF
Deepak Singh Rathore, Vimlesh Kumar Meena, Chandra Pal Singh Chandel, Krishna Swarup Gupta
Volume 2, Issue 2 (2019) Land-use Changes Alter Energy and Water Balances on an African BrachiariaPasture Replacing a Native Savanna in the Orinoco llanos Abstract   PDF
José San José, Rubén Montes, Rafael Herrera, Jair M. Maia, Nina Nikonova
Volume 4, Issue 3 (2021) Long Term Spatio-temporal Variations of Seasonal and Decadal Aridity in India Abstract   PDF
Pavan Kumar B, Bhavani Pinjarla, P K Joshi, P S Roy
Volume 3, Issue 4 (2020) Long-term Climatic Changes in the Northeastern Baikal Region (Russia) Abstract   PDF
Tatiana L. Ananina, Alexander A. Ananin
Volume 4, Issue 4 (2021) Low Adaptive Capacity in Africa and Climate Change Crises Abstract   PDF
Victor Adjei, Elijah Foh Amaning
Volume 2, Issue 2 (2019) Main Characteristics of Dust Storm sand Their Radiative Impacts: With a Focuson Tajikistan Abstract   PDF
Sabur F. Abdullaev, Irina. N. Sokolik
Volume 2, Issue 1 (2019) Moderate Geomagnetic Storm Condition, WAAS Alerts and real GPS Positioning Quality Abstract   PDF
Vladislav Vladimir Demyanov, Xinggang Zhang, Xiaochun Lu
Volume 6, Issue 1 (2023): In progress Monitoring and Quantification of Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Impact of Sea Surface Temperature on Marine Ecosystems as Climate Change Indicators in the Niger Delta Using Geospatial Technology Abstract   PDF
Okechukwu Okpobiri, Eteh Desmond Rowand, Francis Emeka Egobueze, Mogo Felicia Chinwe
Volume 4, Issue 4 (2021) North Atlantic Oscillation and Rainfall Variability in Southeastern Nigeria: A Statistical Analysis of 30 Year Period Abstract   PDF
Okorie Fidelis Chinazor
Volume 2, Issue 4 (2019) Numerical Modelling of Waves and Surge from Cyclone Mekunu (May 2018) in the Arabian Sea Abstract   PDF
M. A. Sarker
Volume 4, Issue 3 (2021) Objective Synoptic Weather Classification on Air Pollution during Winter Seasons in Hangzhou Abstract   PDF
Jiaqi Zhao, Chenggang Wang
Volume 3, Issue 1 (2020) On the Formation of a Bead Structure of Spark Channels during a Discharge in Air at Atmospheric Pressure Abstract   PDF
Victor Tarasenko, Dmitry Beloplotov, Alexander Burachenko, Evgenii Baksht
Volume 5, Issue 4 (2022) On the Impact of Bell Sound on Ambient Particulates Abstract   PDF
Konstantinos Kourtidis, Ageliki Andrikopoulou
Volume 4, Issue 1 (2021) Perceiving the Trend of Terrestrial Climate Change during the Past 40 year (1978-2018) Abstract   PDF
Asheesh Bhargawa, A.K. Singh
Volume 2, Issue 3 (2019) Perception and Knowledge on Climate Change: A Case Study of University Students in Bangladesh Abstract   PDF
Bezon Kumar, Arif Ibne Asad, Borun Chandraaroy, Purnima Banik
Volume 3, Issue 2 (2020) Planetary Layer Lapse Rate Comparison of Tropical,Montane and Hot Semi-Arid Climates of Nigeria Abstract   PDF
David O. Edokpa, Precious N. Ede
Volume 5, Issue 2 (2022) Pollution of Airborne Fungi in Naturally Ventilated Repositories of the Provincial Historical Archive of Santiago de Cuba (Cuba) Abstract   PDF
Sofia Borrego, Alian Molina, Yuneisis Bonne, Anyilena González, Lidiersy Méndez
Volume 4, Issue 4 (2021) Processing of Rainfall Time Series Data in the State of Rio de Janeiro Abstract   PDF
Givanildo de Gois, José Francisco de Oliveira-Júnior
Volume 3, Issue 1 (2020) Rainfall Estimation using Image Processing and Regression Model on DWR Rainfall Product for Delhi-NCR Region Abstract   PDF
Kuldeep Srivastava, Ashish Nigam
Volume 5, Issue 1 (2022) Reasons for Modern Warming: Hypotheses and Facts Abstract   PDF
Nikolai Nikolaevich Zavalishin
Volume 4, Issue 2 (2021) Review and Microphysics of the Maximum Electricity Atmospheric Activity in the World: the Catatumbo Lightning (Venezuela) Abstract   PDF
Nelson Falcón
Volume 2, Issue 3 (2019) Role of Atmospheric Boundary Layer (ABL) Height and Ventilation Coefficient on Urban Air Quality- A study based on Observations and NWP Model Abstract   PDF
Aditi Singh
Volume 5, Issue 3 (2022) Significant Improvement in Rainfall Forecast over Delhi: Annual and Seasonal Verification Abstract   PDF
Kuldeep Srivastava
Volume 4, Issue 4 (2021) Simplified Equation Models for Greenhouses Gases Assessment in Road Transport Sector in Burkina Faso Abstract   PDF
Tiga NEYA, Galine YANON, Mouhamadou Bamba SYLLA, Oble NEYA, Julien W. SAWADOGO
Volume 2, Issue 4 (2019) Spatio-Temporal Change of Atmospheric Precipitation on Territory of North-West of Ukraine Abstract   PDF
Svetlana Vasilivna Budnik
Volume 5, Issue 2 (2022) Spatio-temporal Changes in the Regime of Rivers in the Pripyat River Catchment and Climate Change Abstract   PDF
Budnik Svetlana Vasilivna
Volume 4, Issue 2 (2021) Study on the Causes of Rural Lightning Disaster and Countermeasures of Lightning Protection and Disaster Reduction Abstract   PDF
Zhiqing Yuan
Volume 5, Issue 3 (2022) The Evil Couple: Illegal Mining in Water Bodies and Climate Change: A Case Study of Ghana Abstract   PDF
Victor Adjei, Elijah Foh Amaning, Isaac Tettey Adjokatse
Volume 4, Issue 1 (2021) The Impact of Climate Change on Rainfall Patterns in Ghana: A Zoning Adaptation Strategy through Developing Agroforestry Abstract   PDF
Mohammed Suabir Zubairu, Wei Li, Amatus Gyilbag, Michael Asiedu Kumi, Akhtar Hussain Lashari
Volume 1, Issue 1 (2018) The Model of Dependence of the Temperature of the Surface Layer of Atmosphere from the Earth's Albedo and Thermal Inertia of the Hydrosphere Abstract   PDF
Nicolay Nikolayevich Zavalishin
Volume 3, Issue 1 (2020) Thumb Rule for Nowcast of Dust Storm and Strong Squally Winds over Delhi NCR using DWR Data Abstract   PDF
Kuldeep Srivastava
Volume 5, Issue 3 (2022) To the Question of the Assessment of Ecological Comfort of the Climate Abstract   PDF
Elena S. Andreeva, Sergey S. Andreev, Anna A. Parshina
Volume 4, Issue 2 (2021) Transport and Deposition of Saharan Dust Observed from Satellite Images and Ground Measurements Abstract   PDF
Habib Senghor, Alex J. Roberts, Abdou L. Dieng, Dahirou Wane, Cheikh Dione, Mouhamed Fall, Abdoulahat Diop, Amadou T. Gaye, John Marsham
Volume 3, Issue 2 (2020) Understanding the Nexus between Climate Change, the Shift in Land Use toward Cashew Production and Rural Food Security in Ghana; the Experiences of Farmers in the Transition Zone of Ghana Abstract   PDF
Victor Adjei, Moses Ackah Anlimachie, Eunice Elorm Ativi
Volume 2, Issue 4 (2019) Utilization of Crop Stubble as Alternate Source of Electricity Generation Abstract   PDF
Sourabh Singh Chandel, Era Upadhyay
Volume 5, Issue 2 (2022) Wave Dynamics of the Average Annual Temperature Surface Air Layer New Delhi for 1931-2021 Abstract   PDF
Peter Matveevich
Volume 2, Issue 1 (2019) WITHDRAWN: High-Resolution Radiometer for Remote Sensing of Solar Flare Activity from Low Earth Orbit Satellites Abstract   PDF
Luca Aluigi
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