Human Resource Management and Quality Assurance System to achieve Competitive Advantage

Salim Keffane (Department of Psychology, University Setif 2, Setif, Algeria)
Hocine Bachioua (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University Setif 2, Setif, Algeria)
Ahmed Zerzour (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University Oum El Bouaghi, Algeria)


This study aims at the role of human resources management and quality assurance system to achieving the competitive advantage for the organization. Human resource management are the most important component among the organization’s components, because, even an organization owns all other resources (materials, financial, technological) without the appropriate, skilled and experienced human resources, failure will be the expected result. Addressing By the Mobilis Telecom company, the study and through exploring the recruitment resources and methods that used by the company, in hiring the best employees, and the role of these methods in achieving the competitive advantage in Telecommunications sector. The findings of the study were that the company success in the recruitment process was relying on the employment agencies, firstly and on the universities, secondly. Also the company aimed on maintaining quality assurance system through recruiting method that based on Telecommunications experience and advancement in studying. In order to achieve the competitive advantage, the Company focused on innovation and creating new products and services for its clients. The statistical analysis proved that there is a strong relationship between recruitment resources used by the Company and achieving the competitive advantage, Also a relationship between the quality assurance system of the employees and the ability to gain the competitive advantage.


Human resources management; Quality assurance system; Recruitment resources; Competitive advantage

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