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Leonid Juryi Galchynsky, Andriy Zhuravel

Article ID: 480
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Abstract: Electricity Market Act № 2019-VIII passed in 2017 by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine enacts in July 2019 and causes the transition of this segment of the economy to the free market principles. The implementation of this Act is perceived ambiguous. Many experts criticize this Act, which have numerous risks, especially pricing risks. In order to better unders...
Getulio Kazue Akabane, Hamilton Pozo

Article ID: 522
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Abstract: This work shows how to develop a methodology to support and integrate the concepts and projects of the Holonic Manufacturing System (HMS) with the other areas of the organization for full organizational management success, being a new entrepreneurial management, with support of this new technology in the reduction of costs and increased value added. HMS i...
Tung-Shan Liao

Article ID: 755
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Abstract: This study addresses the role of R&D leverage in SMEs’ performance creation. The authors do so by considering SMEs’ high resource dependence due to isomorphism. We propose that R&D leverage, with a presence of dynamic capabilities, plays a moderating role in the relation between resource investments and performance. This study, which focused on Ta...
Zeyuan Du

Article ID: 982
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Abstract: As the country with the highest per capita carbon emissions in the world, Australia’s government, represented by Howard, refused to sign the Kyoto Protocol due to various factors, however, this attitude has undergone a great transformation after the government represented by Kevin Rudd took office, not only to comply with the trend of the times, but also ...


Vladimir Glinskiy, Michael Alekseev, Lyudmila Serga

Article ID: 493
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Abstract: Sustainable development requires overcoming opportunist behavior of economic entities towards environmental compartments. Another form of opportunist behavior is revealed in fraudulent financial reporting. The research objective is statistical comparison of environmental law violation against accounting abuses by Russian enterprises. A research hypothesis...