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Zhaowei Meng, Xiaoguang Wang

Article ID: 1703
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Abstract: This paper mainly studies the problem of multi-task assignment of providers in port logistics service supply chain. As a core enterprise, port plays the role of logistics service integrator.With the continuous development of industrial integration, logistics service providers not only provide one kind of logistics service, but also develop into composite ...
Yunxia SU, Minggui Sun

Article ID: 1794
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Abstract: Through in-depth interviews, this study makes an exploratory study on the dimension of the middle class relational identification in Chinese context by using the grounded theory. It is mainly composed of 4 dimensions: relational orientation, relational adaptation, relational evaluation and relational development. According to the four dimension model of m...
Syed Moudud-Ul-Huq, Md. Abdul Halim, Tanmay Biswas

Article ID: 1807
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Abstract: This paper uses generalized method of moments (GMM), Least Squares (LS) and Generalized Linear Model (GLM) to examine the impact of competition on profitability of banks and Stochastic Frontier approach (SFA) is used to estimate of cost efficiency. We have used an unbalanced panel dataset from a sample of emerging economic MENA countries over the period b...
Yao Fu, Congdian Cheng, Lizhu Wang

Article ID: 1811
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Abstract: It is a research subject that has attracted a wide concern and study for a long time to find a suitable trading point of stock. From the views of big data and quantization technique, the paper tries to propose an approach, through the form of algorithm, based on big data analysis and linear weighted moving average curve, to find the point of buying stock,...


Di Liu

Article ID: 1750
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Abstract: Through a measurement of corporate investment plan, i.e. expected investment cash flow growth (EICFG), which combines historical equity issuance and factors that influence firm’s future investment, this paper studies the impact of investment expectation on firm’s cross-sectional return of stock in China capital market. I document the negative correlation ...