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An-Pi Chang

Article ID: 2218
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Abstract: Research on the essence of policy implementation is the basis for finding solutions. A circular city is founded on the concept of a circular economy, extending from the recycling of single substances to regional resource recycling development. Given limited energy and resource conditions, the emphasis lies in considering right from that source that at the...
Jiayi Ge, Gengjun Gao

Article ID: 2306
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Abstract: This article studies the problem of fresh agricultural cold chain and constructs a comprehensive benefit distribution model with improved Shapley value. First of all, this article considers the influence of input factors, risk factors, effort level on benefit distribution, and uses the entropy method , the order relationship analysis method to determine t...
Nuria Viejo-Fernández, Sneha Saha

Article ID: 2345
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Abstract: This paper evaluates the influence that information processing routes have on omni-shopping behavior, as well as analyzing the consequences of this behavior for retailers through a cognitive-affective approach. A sample of 705 mobile phone users was used for this purpose. The results obtained using the binomial logit model in a first phase and later with ...
Md. Abdul Halim, Md. Nazmul Islam, Abdul Gaffar Khan

Article ID: 2446
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Abstract: This study investigated the financial performance of Bangladesh’s StateOwned Commercial Banks, Islami Shariah Based Private commercial Banks and Conventional Private Commercial Banks over 12 years from 2006 to 2017. The objective of this study is to find out the financial performance of a bank based on CAMEL indicators. The finding of this study is that I...
Jiangyu Huang, Jing Li

Article ID: 2578
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Abstract: Public participation in public procurement is an important guarantee for its sustainable and healthy operation. In the era of digital economy and big data, public participation in information disclosure, service quality, and service pricing in public procurement plays an important role. Public private partnerships are an innovative form of public procurem...


Marouen Hadhri

Article ID: 2089
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Abstract: The study examined the impact of democratization on foreign direct investment in Tunisia and has done a comparison of the pre and post revolution periods. The paper has used secondary data for the variables GDP per capita, FDI, Gross Fixed Capital Formation (GFCF), Current health expenditure (% of GDP) for the period 2001-2018. The study aims to provide a...