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Gulsah Hancerliogullari Koksalmis

Article ID: 205
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Abstract: Elective course selection has always been a serious and important decision making process for students in institutions.  The study of Multi Criteria Decision Making Model (MCDM) for the selection of elective course is put together with the aim of lending a helping hand to the students. It comprises the main MCDM methods, the problem of selecting an electi...
Muhammad Tayyab Sohail, Qaiser Jamal

Article ID: 224
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Abstract: Since the last quarter of 20th century the macroeconomic impact of defense spending on the economic growth have attracted the attention of many researchers, academician and policy makers. During the cold war the US defense strategy against the Soviet Union was the first time when it was derived. After the cold war a reduction in defens...
Giuseppe Caristi, Sabrina Lo Bosco, Alberto Vieni

Article ID: 138
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Abstract: In this paper we analyze the problem of the assessment of the failure rate of the complex public work system and the engineering part of it (bridge, tunnel, etc.), examining the case of serious maintenance problems, such as those which occurred in the recent disaster of the "Morandi bridge". The original mathematical methodology envisaged makes it p...
Miraç AYDIN, Mustafa Batuhan AYHAN

Article ID: 361
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Abstract:Along with the rapid development of information technologies, traditional trade has moved to electronic area. Today, many business activities are performed in electronic environment. Since electronic commerce is rapid and easily reachable, it has begun to attract much more attention by consumers and businesses over time. In this study, a brief review about e...
Jin Luo

Article ID: 454
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Abstract: This paper takes the Chinese listed company with the equity refinancing qualification from 2012 to 2013 as the research object, and uses the residual revenue model to calculate the equity financing cost. This paper discusses the impact of the overconfidence of executives on the equity financing cost and its impact mechanism. The unique institutional backg...