Analysis on the Structural Type of Large-span Steel Truss Bridge Specially Designed for Cables

Xipeng Gao (Shandong Electric Power Engineering Consulting Institute Corp., Ltd., Jinan, Shandong, 250013, China)
Xiwei He (Shandong Electric Power Engineering Consulting Institute Corp., Ltd., Jinan, Shandong, 250013, China)

Article ID: 3141



When the installation of cables and pipelines needs to go across rivers, bridges are usually adopted to support the cables and pipelines for crossing the rivers. The measure can make full use of the space resources and have no effect on the flow pattern of rivers. For this reason, analysis on the structural-type design of a large-span steel truss bridge specially used for cables has been performed. The numerical results indicate that the stayed-cable bridge with steel truss beam and concrete main tower has better performance and improved structural type caparisoned with that of the beam and arch bridges, and the construction of the major beam can be without the temporary support.


Large span; Steel truss; Cable; Pipe bridge; Design

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