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Onyechere, Ignatius Chigozie

Article ID: 4818
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Abstract: This work examined the structural properties of concrete obtained by partially replacing cement with sawdust ash. The sawdust ash which is a pozzolan was obtained by burning sawdust which is a waste product from processing of timber in an open air. The burnt ash was passed through a 150 µm metric sieve to obtain t...
Olubajo Olumide Olu

Article ID: 5091
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Abstract: This research focuses on investigating the effect of quartz particle size and cement replacement on their physicomechnical properties. Portland limestone cement (PLC) was employed and replaced with quartz powder (QP) at various particle sizes (1.19 mm, 425 µm, 300 µm, 212 µm, <212 µm) and cement replacement bet...
Yu Zhang

Article ID: 5167
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Abstract: Scientific and technological progress and innovation help the design in dustry, which plays an important role in sustainable development. It will improve the operation efficiency of enterprises and explore a blue sea for enterprise. In essence, design should be the process of deriving the optimal scheme from diffe...
Salih Kocak, Kasim Korkmaz, Erkan Boztas

Article ID: 5304
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Abstract: Liquid polymers (LP) have become an important structural material used in the construction industry in the last decade. This paper investigates the viability of using commercially available LPs as a coating material to improve the flexural strength of fiber-modified concrete beams. The scope included preparing rectangular prism concrete beams with a concr...
Aisha Ayoubi, Emilio Sassine, Joseph Dgheim, Joelle Al Fakhoury, Yassine Cherif, Emmanuel Antczak

Article ID: 5251
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Abstract: Reusing recycled waste materials in buildings is gaining more and more attention for what it offers economic, environmental, and energy benefits; and many researchers are nowadays working on producing new sustainable construction materials incorporating recycled wastes. In this scope, this work uses an experimenta...