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Zibing Xin, Longfei Fu, Zhangjie Huang, Wei-Chuen Chou, Yi Huang, Fang Wen

Article ID: 1994
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Abstract: A new species of Gesneriaceae, Primulina titan, is described and photographed from northern Guangxi, China. It resembles P. hunanensis,but can be distinguished by combined morphological characters of leaf,bract, corolla, stamen and pistil. We found only one population with approx.800 mature individuals at the type locality. This species is provisionally a...
Ashfak Ahammed O., Usman A., Rasmi A. R

Article ID: 2085
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Abstract: The reviews on production of banana during the recent years were not a satisfying one with respect to fourth position of Kerala in area of cultivation in India. Among so many factors for this declination, plant parasitic nematodes also found as a major negative factor. Thus the present study tried to prove this predict and conducted a survey in the unexpl...
Felipe Machado Pinheiro, Patrick Hunt

Article ID: 2102
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Abstract: Drylands constitute more than 40% of global land and are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. In many of these drylands, livestock activities are a major form of land-use. In Brazil, the two major dryland biomes, Cerrado and Caatinga, play a key role in the country’s livestock activities. While important economically, these activities...
Fengxiang Ma, Kangyi Lou, Xiaoyang Chen, Yue Li

Article ID: 2405
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Abstract: We employed capacitance to evaluate the kinship and interspecific variation of homoploid hybrid conifer Pinus densata, P. tabuliformis, P. yunnanensis and artificial hybrids of P. tabuliformis (maternal parent) and P. yunnanensis (paternal parent) which were cultivated and selected in the common garden experiment. By measuring capacitance spectra under di...


Nadia Zikry Dimetry

Article ID: 2032
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Abstract: Neem (Azadirachta indica A. Juss), prominently known as conventional medication is a local plant in India. Neem is regarded as a promising tree species which can be utilized in variety ways to benefit agricultural communities throughout the world. Neem based insect sprays were productive for the control of different insect species, yet the...