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Abduraimov S. Ozodbek, Shomurodov F. Habibullo, Daniyarov A. Sultankul, Abduraimov S. Azizbek

Article ID: 2282
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Abstract: Ontogenetic structure of eight coenopopulations of Tulipa korolkowii Regel were studied in Uzbekistan. Resistance mechanisms of Tulipa korolkowii coenopopulations are shown: seed and vegetative methods of self-maintenance of coenopopulations. Coenopopulations (CP) of T. korolkovii studied in normal. CP 1, 2, 6, 7,8 complete, and the rest (...
Sahrish Khan

Article ID: 2325
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Abstract: Due to the rapid increase in population, it is estimated that the human population will increase to 9.7 billion in 2050. Hence the demand for food production will also increase. That is why there is a need to solve problems regarding food production. Major problems in food production are the shortage of land due to bad soil structure and quality of the so...
Linyu Tai, Lixia Lei, Lan Luo, Hang Shen, Jiao Chen, Ruyu Tang, Jing Xiang, Zhengwu Zhao

Article ID: 2346
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Abstract: The genetic diversity of 36 rice landraces and 43 breeding materials in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River in China was studied by intragenic molecular markers of 26 starch synthesis-related loci. And research on quality traits such as the amylose content (AC), gel consistency (GC) and alkali spreading value (ASV) to analyze...
EL Alami Nabila, EL Attari Soufiyan

Article ID: 2064
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Abstract:Our study consists of a careful literature review carried out with the aim of better understanding the models developed in the field of biocontrol of postharvest fungal rot in apples (PHFRA) over the past two decades. It aims, more specifically, to shed light on the progress made by examining the products developed, their nature, their target pathogens, thei...


Shan Han, Minran Yang, Yanyi Chen

Article ID: 2157
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Abstract: The establishment and development of artificial seed technology is to quickly reproduce excellent varieties or hybrids, which can be applied to hybrid generation seeds produced by the three-two line method. For some varieties that are difficult to propagate with seeds or plant species with unstable genetic traits and poor fertility, artificial seed techno...
Qiaole Li, Tengfei He, Haoran Niu

Article ID: 2244
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Abstract: Plant cell culture technology is a technology that applies the research results of cell engineering to produce plant biological products at the cellular level. In recent years, the secondary metabolites of plants have attracted more and more attention. The use of plant cell culture technology is a fast and efficient method of producing secondary metabolit...