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Ambika Prasad Mishra, Jyoti Prakash Sahoo

Article ID: 3343
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Abstract: The outbreak of COVID-19 has brought about another age on world as the human civilization is restricted in many aspects of everyday lives. There is no exception in the sector of food production and the supply chain of food. Due to constraints on demand, shutting of food production facilities, financial limitations, enterprise operations and delivery of di...
Farid T. Badé, Durand Dah-Nouvlessounon, Sina Haziz, Cissé Hama, Aude Kelomey, Assogba Sylvestre, Oladélé Gautier Roko, Adjanohoun Adolphe, Savadogo Aly, Baba-Moussa Lamine

Article ID: 3113
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Abstract: Since the time of our ancestors, natural products issued from plant play a therapeutic crucial role. About 25-30% of all medicines (drugs) available for the treatment of diseases are derived from natural products (from plants, animals, bacteria and fungi) or are derivatives of natural products. The aim of this research was to scientificall...
Ruphin Djolu Djoza, Colette Masengo Ashande, Koto-te-Nyiwa Ngbolua, Mawunu Monizi, Jeff Iteku Bekomo, Damien Sha-T. Tshibangu, Dorothée Dinangayi Tshilanda, Pius T. Mpiana, Mudogo Virima

Article ID: 3387
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Abstract: Democratic Republic of the Congo is a real reservoir of medicinal plants. These plants play a major role in the treatment of certain common pathologies in tropical regions. The aim of this study was to list the ethnomedical uses of Uvariodendron molundense, a medicinal and aromatic plant from the Ubangi ecoregion. The ethnobotanical survey...
Habteslase Teklu Tesfagiorgis, Woldeamlak Araia, N. N. Angiras

Article ID: 3319
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Abstract: A field experiment was conducted at the experimental farm of Hamelmalo Agricultural College during summer 2017, to evaluate the agronomic, physiological, and biochemical performance of the collected Eritrean germplasm of pearl millet. A total of 16 accessions were tested, out of which 2 were improved varieties included as a check. The expe...
Mingkai Zhou, Bingjie Sun, Wentao Wu

Article ID: 3265
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Abstract:By using the OLS model, an equation for the rate of decomposing wood by a variety of fungi was established. We analyzed the effects of various fungi in the experimental data under different temperature and humidity. Based on the growth performance of different fungi at different temperatures and humidity, we use the method of systematic cluster to divide the...


Monalisa Mohanty

Article ID: 3380
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Abstract: Biotechnology plays an important role in mitigation of various pollution in a cost effective manner by using the complex chemistry of living organisms, various cell manipulations and their approaches for environmental cleanup along with environmental sustainability. One such technology is phytoremediation technology or green technology whi...