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Mebrahtom Tesfazghi, Tesfamichael Abraha, Woldeamlak Araia, Nitya Nand Angiras

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Abstract:Sorghum is an important food crop in Eritrea where it is widely grown in the mid and low lands, of semi-arid regions. Eritrea being the center of origin of sorghum, a large variability exist in its landraces being grown by the farmers since generations. In order to improve the productivity of sorghum under moisture stress conditions, it is imperative to eval...
Ndifon Elias Mjaika

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Abstract: Fusarium species (including Fusarium anthophilum ) have many insidious effects on mankind, animals, and plants. Their attack may lead to diseases or spoilage, and the production of mycotoxins. This study was conducted to find solutions to the infections by F. anthophilum . Three sub-trials (botanical, chemical and biocontrol sub-t...