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Jose Ricardo Carneiro, Paulo Joaquim Almeida, Maria de Lurdes Lopes

Article ID: 152
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Abstract: The long-term behaviour of geosynthetics is one of the most important topics in the research about these materials. this work studies the effect of some liquids (water, sulphuric acid 0.1 mol.L-1 and sodium hydroxide 0.1 mol.L-1) on the resistance of a polypropylene geotextile against thermo-oxidation. For that purpose, the geotextile was (...
Changfeng (Charlie) Fu, Lingyun Li, Angela Lee

Article ID: 589
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Abstract: Indoor air quality is a major contributor to the quality of people’s lives. Notwithstanding pollutants that are becoming increasingly prevalent from new building materials, furnishings and consumer products, CO 2 density in educational ...
Alfredo Rivera, Jacob Kashiwagi

Article ID: 719
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Abstract: The Best Value Approach (BVA) is a new project delivery method that has been documented to increase performance and value. It does this by changing the traditional project delivery characteristics of managing the expert and focusing on the technical side of the project, to utilizing the expertise of the experts and using performance information and risk m...
Salvatore Ardizio, Fabrizio Ascione, Nicola Bianco, Gerardo Maria Mauro, Davide Ferdinando Napolitano

Article ID: 830
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Abstract: This study performs the energy analysis of a real industrial building, located near Naples (South Italy). The used approach includes three phases: development of the energy model, model calibration based on monitored data and optimization of photovoltaic (PV) integration. Monitored data provide the monthly overall electricity demands of the facility for d...
John F. Y. Yeung, Daniel W. M. Chan

Article ID: 1302
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Abstract: Amongst all types of construction accidents, industrial practitioners tend to pay less attention to the prevention of fires at construction sites.  Although fires may not occur frequently on construction sites, statistics show that when they do, the consequences are very serious; involving fatalities, injuries, serious project delays and financial loss.  ...