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Chau Phuong Ngo, Van Bac Nguyen, Thanh Phong Nguyen, Ngoc Bay Pham, Van Phuc Le, Van Hung Nguyen

Article ID: 1283
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Abstract: Asphalt pavement rutting is a major safety concern and is one of the main distress modes of asphalt pavement. Research into asphalt pavement mixes that provide strong resistance for rutting is considered of great significance as it can help provide extended pavement life and significant cost savings in pavement maintenance and rehabilitation. The objectiv...
Alfredo Rivera

Article ID: 718
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Abstract: The Best Value Approach (BVA) is a new project delivery method that has been developed at Arizona State University. It has been documented to increase performance and value on projects by the identification and utilization of expertise instead of management, direction, and control (MDC). It utilizes performance information that is simple, observable, and ...
Siddesh pai, Amit Shriwas

Article ID: 1155
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Abstract: Conventional ways of building construction process lack proper task scheduling and      planning of the project work at the site resulting in poor monitoring of the whole process. Building information modelling (BIM) creates a platform where all the information of every single element of the construction process can be virtually integrated. The integratio...
K. Srinivas

Article ID: 2577
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Abstract: Majority of all the construction projects experience cost and time overruns for reasons which are many times beyond the control of stakeholders. To overcome the same, the concept of lean integrated project delivery came into existence. Lean culture focuses on customer by empowering employees. It involves in converting waste into value by reducing waste, i...
Hazhir Rasoulpour, Masoud Mamandi

Article ID: 2579
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Abstract: The present study has evaluated the effect of architectural forms on the walking activity of citizens as a behavioral model in urban physical spaces. The research hypothesis claims that by designing purposeful and appropriate architectural forms, the behavior and actions of users in urban physical spaces can be to some extent, it designed o...