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Khaled Aly Tarabieh, Khaled Nassar, Mera Sharkass

Article ID: 2653
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Abstract: According to the container recycling institute, nearly a million plastic beverage bottles are sold every minute around the world. Plastic bottles are considered as an urban junk, however, it has shape characteristics which make them usable in construction in lieu of conventional bricks. This research promotes the use of recycled plastic bo...
Ahmed Manni, Achraf Harrati, Abdelilah El Haddar, Abdelwahed Chari, Ali Sdiri, Fahd Oudrhiri Hassani, Abdeslam El Bouari, Iz-Eddine El Amrani El Hassani, Chaouki Sadik

Article ID: 2684
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Abstract: Lizardite rich peridotite has never been used to prepare ceramic specimens, especially in Morocco. For this raison, potential use of naturally abundant lazirditic material from the Rif domain, as a supply for ceramic industry, has been evaluated. The effects of lizardite addition to magnesite and dolomite mixtures on the thermomechanical p...
Xiaolong Tong, Fumin Chen, Yangjing Ou, Sixi Xiao, Jianliang Wu

Article ID: 2694
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Abstract: In this study, an experimental study and numerical calculations using fiber model were conducted for four high-strength concrete shear walls with boundary columns under low cyclic load. The boundary column and shear wall were divided into fiber elements, and PERFORM-3D finite element analysis software was used to carry out push-over analysis on the test s...
Nazanin Nafisi, Adel Noori, Mohamadreza Mokariantabari

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Abstract: Over the past years, there has been an expanding intrigued in building refurbishment projects because of the alter in financial conditions and the accentuation on sustainable development. Increasing demand for building refurbishment projects will lead to an increase in organizational interactions in the construction works as building refur...
Guillermo Escriva-Escriva

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Abstract: One of the best strategies for improving energy efficiency in any system is using the energy resources in the facilities properly. Using energy systems only when they are absolutely necessary is one of the best cost-benefit ratio strategies, i.e. the best energy saving strategy is, not using it. The aim of thi...