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Eluozo S.N., Dimkpa K.

Article ID: 3079
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Abstract: Wood and fly ash were observed to have significant qualities that could improved the strength of self compacting concrete, the material were applied to increase the compressive strength of concrete strength, this material could be the demanding material for partial  replacement for cement, the study observed the behaviour of the material f...
Tarun Kumar Makkena, VPS Nihar Nanyam

Article ID: 3206
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Abstract:It is possible for cost professionals to prepare an informed and compendious cost plan by identifying all the factors that cause cost overruns, variations, safety hazards and others without having a significant prior experience. The implementation of Extended Reality can address this phenomenon. The paper aims to introduce the concept of Extended Reality in ...
V. Yu. Borodulin, M. I. Nizovtsev

Article ID: 3235
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Abstract: The study deals with a new regenerative air heat exchanger with an intermediate heat carrier used in the systems of room ventilation. A physical and mathematical model of the heat transfer process is proposed. The influence of design and operating parameters on the temperature efficiency of the heat exchanger is analyzed. The possibility o...
Cuitiño Guadalupe, Esteves Alfredo, Rotondaro, Rodolfo

Article ID: 3263
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Abstract: This paper analyzes the current state of earthen constructions in countries located in the Pacific Ring of Fire. In Latin America, countries such as Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina are located in the Pacific Ring of Fire and are subject to strong seismic exposure, making earthen constructions more vulnerable. From an analysis of the ...


Samaila Saleh

Article ID: 3262
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Abstract: Weak soils, such as soft clay and loose sand, have a poor bearing capacity, making them incapable of bearing the load of superstructures that will be imposed on them. As a result, engineers must have a solution to the issue of poor bearing capacity in weak soils before embanking into building on them.   This paper reviewed ...