Research on Innovative Model Based on Solving Demand Pain Points in Software Development

Xianbao Meng (Tongji University(Group) Co., Ltd,Shanghai, 200092, China)
Yuehua Xiong (Tongji University(Group) Co., Ltd,Shanghai, 200092, China)

Article ID: 1957


Software development is an important part of computer technology. only by ensuring the applicability and efficiency of the software can it really improve the efficiency of production and life, and truly inject new power into the economic benefits of the industry. As the theoretical basis of software development, the software development model directly determines the quality of software development.

In this paper, starting with information technology as an important tool to improve modern management, it brings out the difficulties and pain points in the analysis of software development needs, and first puts forward the software development innovation model for building a composite core users. It takes core users with compound qualities and capabilities as the main line and guides the entire development process to enable both parties to communicate accurately and solve the pain points of demand communication, function optimization and project control to the greatest extent. Exploring application innovation in the software development model can promote innovation in the software industry.


Software development;Information management;Demand pain points;Compound capabilities;Innovation model

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